Little Lunchbox – Elephants & Bears & Broccoli – for October 2, 2015


3 year old’s lunch – grape tomatoes, Asian pear elephants, broccoli slaw with goddess dressing, teddy bear hummus sandwich, white beans with pickle elephants, and animal crackers. Oddly enough, the sandwich came home uneaten and the broccoli slaw was all gone! Random little person pickiness is of the many reasons why I try to give her such a variety each day. If she eats even a few bites of several things, she is getting at least some of the nutrients she needs. Small amounts of each thing means we don’t waste much food if she doesn’t like a new item or just decides that she isn’t in the mood for it. ¬†We don’t force her to clean her plate at home, and I am not upset if something comes home from school uneaten, as long as she is eating a balanced diet most of the time.

Maybe she just thought the sandwich was too cute to eat! These cutters are an incredibly easy way to add a lot of character to the lunch box. Save odds and ends of bread to make homemade bread crumbs later for zero waste!

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