Little Lunchbox – Pattern Power – for September 16, 2015

Little Miss Peanut is obsessed with Team Umizoomi right now, so when we decided to create a pattern with her grapes and cherry tomatoes, it instantly became a “pattern power” lunchbox.


In addition to the grapes and orange cherry tomatoes, she had tofu from the miso soup I made for dinner, black bean hummus, sunflower seed crackers, a CLIF Kids bar, and a thermos of rice milk.

Lunchbox came home with all of the tofu and crackers and most of the grapes and tomatoes eaten.  This hummus was not a favorite, since it pretty much all came home.  The CLIF bar was demolished!

We are struggling to find a plant based milk that she likes to take to school when she wants something other than water.  She is an almond milk girl through and through, and her preschool is peanut and tree nut free.  Rice milk was a bust, so we will be trying flax or coconut milk next.  What is your little one’s favorite drink?