Little Lunchbox for October – Pumpkins everywhere!


Pumpkin lunchbox #1 — Mandarin orange pumpkin, carrot & raisin salad, hummus pumpkin sandwich, olives, and dried mangoes.

The carrot & raisin salad is super simple. Just mix a spoonful of mayo (Just Mayo is the one we have on hand most of the time) with a little bit of maple syrup till it is slightly sweet. Most of the time, I just make enough dressing for the individual servings.

I made a whole batch of the Mandarin orange pumpkins for Little Miss’s class snack this week, too. Such a simple, healthy, allergy friendly snack for school, soccer games, and parties. Tiny pieces of snap peas work well for the stems, too.


Pumpkin lunchbox #2 — Freeze dried corn, broccoli slaw and green beans, pasta and olive pumpkin with tomato, white bean, spinach, and red pepper sauce, and a ghost pear.

I will put a pumpkin face on anything in October. Start thinking about what you can turn into a pumpkin with a cookie cutter, olives, raisins, etc., and I am sure you can find all sorts of festive ideas!

When it comes to pasta sauce, I will through whatever veggies I have on hand into a pan, saute them, and puree them to make a sauce.  It is a simple way to use up odds and ends and get veggies into my kids that they might refuse otherwise.  Leafy greens are a difficult vegetable to get my kids to eat, so I primarily use them in smoothies, pasta sauces, and soups so that the texture does not bother my little peanuts.


Pumpkin lunchbox #3 — Hummus “pumpkin patch” with sungold tomatoes, snap peas and cucumber ghosts, grapes and raspberries, pumpkin tortilla chips, olives, and a few chocolate chips.

The cucumber ghosts are made with the ghost cutter out of this mini holiday set.  These cutters are very small, sturdy, metal cutters, and the set includes ones for several holidays. They also have a nature set and a sweet treats set. At this size, they are perfect for tiny fingers, and Little Miss adores them! I had a hard time getting enough cucumbers cut for her lunch, because she wanted to eat them all!


Pumpkins made into another school snack this week.  I sent in Mandarin orange cups with faces drawn on with a Sharpie and Halloween bat and pumpkin pretzels.  These are another healthy, simple snack!