These are few of my favorite things . . . kids’ shoes

Baby shoes are some of the cutest creations known to man . . . or at least to women. It seems silly and callous of me, but when we decided to go vegan as a family, one of the first things that really made me sad was the realization that I would have to give up buying some of the adorable little shoes for our peanuts that are made with leather. First world vegan problems here, people.

Kids are rough on shoes, and many of the synthetic, fake leather shoes do not hold up well, and I don’t love the idea of just trashing shoes when our kids are done with them. I hope to be able to save them for family, resell them at consignment sales, or donate them to a charity shop. Here are few of the best vegan kids shoes that I have found so far. I am still on the quest for more adorable vegan shoes, so let me know if you find some great ones!

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Keen Coronado Sneakers – These are our favorite sneakers with adorable prints, sturdy construction, and flexible, rubber soles. They are actually certified vegan and say so on the inner soles! Not all Keens are vegan, so be careful when you are looking at other styles, but they actually have a vegan catergory on their website, and they offer vegan options for all ages.,3468

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Bogs Waterproof Winter and Rain Boot – These are our favorite winter boots right now. Warm and soft inside, cute and bright Neoprene and rubber outside, easy to pull on and off with those big handles, and vegan to boot! Not all Bogs are vegan, since some use leather, but they have some great options for the whole family. We snagged a pair of Bogs recently for a deep discout at Gabe’s, so check there if you have one nearby, and Amazon sometimes discounts certain designs and often has shoe promo codes.

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Natives – Hands down, our favorite shoe this past summer. Similar to Crocs, but cuter, IMO, and better at staying on little feet, Natives are light weight, breathable, come in a ton of colors, and are easy to hose off or wear in wet places. Some kids will wear these long into the fall with a pair of socks. You can find these fairly often at TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack.

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Mini Melissa – Girly, girly, girly shoes for your little vegan ladies. A plethora of bright colors, sweet designs like kitty faces, hearts, and bows, and yummy scent, yes scent!, make Mini Melissa the most fun vegan shoe for little girls and women, since they have an adult line, too. The children’s sizes run small, so be prepared to size up. You can find them on sale sometimes on Amazon and on sample sites, such as Gilt. You can wipe them right off, so your girl can have pretty shoes for playing in the dirt!

We are still on the look out for cute, comfy vegan shoes that hold up well for all of our family, so I will keep you posted as we try other brands. I am interested to try Hot Chocolate Designs, because they have a ton of unique, fun styles. Anyone have any experience with those? What is your favorite vegan kids shoe?